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Merpati Putih History

Merpati Putih Pencak Silat is the Indonesian Royal Familyís secret Martial Art and Inner Power System. MP was developed in the 1550ís and passed down through the generations very strictly from father to son & so on, only taught by the King to his Heirs. For over 400 years MP was very rarely if ever, seen by anyone outside the Royal Family.

In 1963 the Indonesian public was ablaze with riots and civil unrest against the government. Already into the struggle for several years, violence and hate were everywhere and it was boiling over onto the innocent. At that time the 11th generation Heirs (known as Mas Poeng & Mas Budi) decided it was time to reveal their family secrets for the benefit of their people.

All the people could learn to defend & heal themselves while at the same time becoming more loving, peaceful, & spiritually aware. Today over 1,000,000 Indonesians have studied and benefited from the techniques of MP and with over 100,000 Active members we are not only an outstanding member of the Indonesian Pencak Silat Federation- (I.P.S.I.) & Martial Arts Federation For World Peace- (M.A.F.W.P), but also the standard training for the Indonesian Army Special Forces, Commando Paratroopers, S.W.A.T. teams, & Presidential Secret Service.

So, Why Havenít We Heard Of MP By Now?

Until 1999 MP was still strictly NEVERtaught to anyone outside of an Ethnic Indonesian background. Until NOW!!!
Nate & Mike Zeleznick are the 1st Westerners ever granted permission to be trained in Merpati Putih. We began in late 1999, guided under the expert instruction of Dr. Heru Hendarto, an ear/nose/throat surgeon & Senior Member of Merpati Putih. Dr. Heru was a teacher for the Indonesian Special Forces & the only person within 2,000 miles who could train us. As Luck/Fate would have it, He just happened to live about 50 miles away in Salt Lake City while pursuing his Masters Degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Utah.

Early October of 2000, Mas Poeng & Mas Budi tested and promoted us to the Instructor level & officially inaugurated the first ever American School of Merpati Putih. Overseen by Dr. Heru we are up and running!! Our School (Kolat) is located in the Ogden City Mall, Utah.
Day & Evening Classes start in early July! Anyone with a good heart & desire to improve themselves is welcome, but class size is limited so register to reserve your spot today!

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D e s i g n e d b y Heru H MD,DSTHT, MS-SLP