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Here are some things our students have had to say about what they’ve noticed and felt since their start along the Merpati Putih road.

“I definitely feel a change in the way I feel. I have more self-control and discipline. Furthermore, my strength and stamina in improving. If you want to improve your focus and willpower, take Merpati Putih.”

--Adam Edvalson, 26, Internet Marketer

“For all you ladies out there who are afraid of any sort of physical confrontation, MP is not only a great way to lose weight but also fantastic if you need to learn self-defense. Mace can only go so far after all.”

--Penny Payne, 20, Internet Marketer

“It feels great! You get to push yourself to your own limits. Willpower. It’s not easy, but definitely worth it. You feel great after class. It builds your confidence. It helps you get energized for the rest of the day. It’s different than anything else I have ever done. I like it better than Karate!”

-- Matthew Sweitzer, 18, Waiter/Professional Drummer/1st degree Black Belt in Red Dragon Karate

“This class has given me newfound energy! It definitely teaches you what you can do with one’s mind. It brings you to the height of mind over body.”

-- Patrick Murphy, 20, CPO/ Maintenance Supervisor

“MP, to me, helps give me a different perspective on situations in my life. I can feel overwhelmed by dilemmas that happen throughout the day, but after class I feel like I can overcome them. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.”

-- Jed Ward, 19, Truck Driver

“Mike Nate and Heru, the first day I started Merpati Putih training, my left knee was hurting and I was experiencing a lot of pain and instability when stepping on it. Since training in MP (2 months) my knee doesn’t bother me at all in fact. I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do since I was in my early twenties. Also, my cardiovascular system is much stronger and feels supercharged. Thank you.”

-- Jeffrey Barkley, 42, Internet Marketing Manager

“This class has been a miracle for me!!! My grades at school have improved by 2 full letter grades. I hadn’t been able to run for 4 years because of the problems with my legs and now I’m running, playing basketball, rollerhockey and I’m so happy! I had been really depressed but now I think better, feel better and do so much more in my life! Thank you Nate, Mike and Heru.”

-- Holly Barker, 21, Telemarketer

“This class is awesome! It totally increases my willpower and determination. Also, it has increased my awareness of Chi energy both internally and externally. The maintenance exercises are phenomenal and I always feel fantastic afterwards.”

-- Niles Urry, 25, Internet Marketer / Musician / Music Producer

“I started this class just to have something to do with a martial arts form. I have gained more self-control and I feel confident that if I need to I can protect myself. I am also excited to be in one of the first classes because this is the start of it all!”

-- Melanie Thompson, 22, Student

“This class has improved my endurance and strength in only 1 month. I’m definitely feeling a change in my body!”

-- Jayson Fackrell, 22, Electrician

“I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy and flexibility. I give it “2 thumbs up!” I highly recommend MP to any individual seeking personal improvement.”

-- Brandon Barber, 23, Internet Marketer

“Non-Religious. Non-Sectarian. Pure development of the True Will. I’m learning to be stronger 3-fold: Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. The way I see it, there isn’t a quicker path to your Higher Self, Soul, Angelic Realm or God. Aum. Thank You for making this available to us.”

-- Craig Lloyd, 23, Electrical Technician

“I have been doing MP for just over 1 month and already I have seen results. I have so much more energy and stamina at work. I feel happier and more clearheaded during the day and overall I just feel like I am in better shape. MP is so much fun! I love going to class. It’s a lot of hard work but you don’t even get bored or tired of it. I feel as if I am going to gain a lot from this that will last my whole life. “Thanks Heru, Mike and Nate. You guys are great teachers. You’re patient and easy going but you still push us to do our best and you always explain things in a way I can understand.”

-- Shannon James, 23, Cosmetologist

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D e s i g n e d b y Heru H MD,DSTHT, MS-SLP