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Merpati Putih
-an in depth look-

What differentiates Merpati Putih from other Martial Arts? How will Merpati Putih benefit me in my life and future endeavors? What advantages will it give me?

These are just a few questions that may arise in the mind of an interested person. All are very important considering the proliferation of various Martial Arts originating from Asia. Based on marketing research conducted at the Asian Institute of Management regarding the level of awareness and attraction of the various arts, it was found that Aikido enjoys the top spot for awareness, with Karate and Tae Kwon Do as runner-up and 3rd place. So how is Merpati Putih going to compete with those established arts and garner the same or greater level of respect and awareness? Well, Merpati Putih is strikingly unique in that it not only develops our physical attributes, but also develops our Internal strength, energy awareness and much, much more.

There are 2 main areas of energy expertise that distinguish Merpati Putih from ALL other Martial Arts currently known:

  1. Tenaga Dalam/Inner Power
    Breaking huge stacks of Ice Blocks, Granite Slabs, 5 stacked pieces of Steel Waterpump Handle (pipa dragon), stacks of 12” carbon steel files and 3” thick poured concrete bricks all in one breath is not at all out-of-the-ordinary for a Merpati Putih Practitioner. This is possible by utilizing a technique of Self-Defense in MP in which the Member channels his/her Inner Power to any part of the body through proper breathing and physical exercises. The outrageous Inner Power that is generated by a MP Member is derived from a specific series of proprietary breathing exercises as well as pure physical fitness-Not through some intangible, unknown, or unnatural source. The breathing exercises also have a double effect on people who practice this art. It not only increases the physical fitness of the body dramatically, but also helps increase functioning of the Immune System. It has been shown that Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Allergies & other such diseases that are due to an unbalanced body metabolism can be remedied through the use of the Merpati Putih method.
  2. Getaran/Vibration Awareness
    Another aspect of Merpati Putih that sets us apart from ALL other types of Martial Arts is in the use of Getaran or Vibration Awareness. As of this time, it can be said that Merpati Putih is the only method in the world that studies Getaran/Vibration Awareness in a natural scientific manner. By practicing Getaran, an MP Member can achieve stronger vibrational power, thus enabling him/her to perform seemingly impossible feats. Among these feats is the detection hidden objects and the ability to read situations based on the surrounding energy emanating from people and objects.

    Through a special application of Getaran training, completely blind persons are able to distinguish and identify shape, color, texture, direction of travel, velocity, volume, and composition of any object in their path and today, over 3,000 blind persons in Indonesia have been trained in Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih and are now able to live their lives with independence and freedom. Recently Singapore has sent several blind persons to Jakarta, Indonesia to undergo Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih training, and Pilot projects are being planned in the U.S.A. as well. Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih can also be used to restore orientation and mobility for those who have lost all or some of their physical sight through accidents or from degenerative diseases such as Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc…

    Note: Persons who have lost all or some of their sight and are interested in Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih training are welcome to contact us for further information on how they may participate in clinical studies of this arts’ ability to help restore normal functioning.


Merpati Putih is a complete art of self defense and spiritual growth. Included are 5 branches of skills that students learn in a step-by-step program. The 5 branches that each Merpati Putih student will learn to master are:

  1. Movement (kata in karate)
  2. Internal Power Management
  3. Combat Techniques
  4. Energy Healing
  5. Vibration Detection

  1. Movement
    In the movement studies, students are taught attacking, defensive, and restraint techniques. The movements of Merpati Putih are very fluid and dynamic, they may resemble dance like movements-but behind the simple and delicate movements lies a ferocious and devastating power waiting to be unleashed.

  2. Inner Power Management
    The breathing section is taught early to students, as the Merpati Putih breathing techniques are the most basic skill necessary to generate the Inner Power (Tenaga Dalam) required to perform the incredible feats unique to Merpati Putih training.
    There are 3 basic types of breathing:
    A. Nafas Halus (fine breathing)
    This technique is used to regain strength that has been expended during strenuous physical excersise.
    B. Nafas Pengolahan (breath to create or build)
    This technique is used to build the Inner Power of the Member. There are 14 individual postures that a beginner must complete in order to attain complete power build-up. As the students’ rank increases, they are required to perform these postures using weights with additional positions incorporated.
    C. Nafas Pembinaan (breath to maintain)
    This technique is used to maintain the current level of Inner Power built by practicing Nafas Pengolahan.

    After a sufficient amount of Inner Power (Tenaga Dalam) has been built, students are then taught techniques to manage, focus and control their Inner Power in order to complete certain activities. Such activities range from breaking blocks of poured concrete and steel bars using hands, legs, elbows, feet, and shins, to the incredible lighting of a neon bulb without electricity. At higher levels, it is common for practitioners to focus and control their Inner Power to such an extent that they are able to break steel bars using only 1 pinkie finger or smashing railroad tracks and leaf spring suspensions from small trucks with their forehead!

  3. Self Defense/Combat techniques
    Here, the student is taught how to apply the movement techniques they have learned to real fight/combat situations. Certain Do’s and Don’ts are learned to ensure defense readiness of the Merpati Putih Members and of course certain precautions are taken to help ensure safety while practicing. The destructive power of Merpati Putih is unmatched, an intermediate level member is easily able to break bones, dislocate joints, paralyze nerve centers and rupture the internal organs of an attacker, so personal control is also a critical aspect taught in the Defense & Combat section of training.

  4. Energy Healing
    In this portion of training, students are taught to perceive and affect the energy of others for healing purposes. Almost any pain or discomfort is caused by an imbalance in the natural flow of energy through the body. A skilled MP member is able to sense and rebalance these obstructions creating a natural flow and healing effect. Whether it be an ordinary bruise, or much more complex disease, healing is very possible-even at great distances.

  5. Vibration Detection
    In this stage of training, Members are taught to use their 6th sense to identify and distinguish the vibration frequencies of different materials. Matter is composed of vibrating atoms. Everything surrounding us vibrates, our capability to sense and differentiate between these vibrations is expanded to the point where a completely blind from birth or blindfolded person is able to identify shape, texture, color, size, speed, and direction of travel of any object. With Ilmu Getaran/Vibration Awareness an MP Member is able to read, draw, watch TV, play ball or even drive a car without physical sight! Steps are being undertaken to prove the validity and usefulness of Ilmu Getaran in controlled medical and scientific studies. It is our goal to help every blind person in the world and many countries have already expressed interest including Oman, Phillipines, Singapore, Russia and the U.S.A.

All different aspects of Merpati Putih center around one all important goal, to become the very best people we can be and to realize our true potential as human beings in order to promote peace and justice for all of humanity.

“To seek and to find that which is right, doing in silence.”

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D e s i g n e d b y Heru H MD,DSTHT, MS-SLP